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My name is Ebony Turner and I am running for Texas House District 96.

I am a 23-year practicing attorney. My 2nd job out of law school was at Texas Legislative Council drafting bills for the Members of the Texas Legislature.

While I have legislative experience drafting hundreds of bills, some of which became laws, the main reason I'm running is my son, Isaiah.

Isaiah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome 9 weeks postpartum. Since then, he has had heart surgery and faces additional challenges.  One of those challenges has been in the special education system in our public school.

We have asked for certain resources to help him thrive and have been told repeatedly that funding just wasn't there.

My opponent voted for vouchers, which diverts public funds from public schools, and this ultimately hurts students with special needs like Isaiah.

Additionally women's reproductive health is on the ballot. As a woman and a mother I don't believe random
dudes in Austin or Washington D.C. should be making decisions regarding our uteruses. Those decisions should be between a woman and her Doctor/Healthcare provider.

I need you to vote to send me to Austin so I can fight for these and other issues because it's not political, it's


Vote EB for HD96!

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